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About Us

Artist Statement

Youth is the origin of vigor. It is not a time of life. It is a state of mind, and a kind of attitude.
In our life, we are frequently faced with adversity or predicament. We are unhappy, for we are inflexible; we are unsuccessful, for we abandon ourselves. We should regard failures as opportunities to better ourselves before we succeed; we’ve just got to laugh them off and adhere to our beliefs. Then, we may live happily and freely and realize our dreams in the end. We must be aware of the truth that success comes after thousands of times of unsuccessful attempts. 
Young people nowadays live in an age devoid of imagination for the future. Change of values exerts considerable pressure upon them. They desert their ideals and live in worry and fear every day, neglecting the fact that one can also be happy living a simple life.
All members of the Blocks have their archetypes in everyday life around me. They live ordinary lives, just like most of us; yet, they are unique. They have their own dreams which make them get out of the ordinary. They encounter numerous setbacks in life constantly as most of us do; yet, they still live happily, pursuing their dreams and the freedom they desire with perseverance.
We hope that we can prove the importance of holding onto dreams through the story of Blocks and the attitude toward creation.
We believe that the world is beautiful.
About Us
The Blocks came into being in the early spring of 2015. After one year’s preparation and improvement, it was first exhibited publicly in December, 2014. All its characters have their individualized backgrounds and personalities. They represent the ordinary people who keep fighting all the time.
Jack, lead singer of the Blocks, pursues his music dream perseveringly just like the other members of the Blocks. Though they are frustrated repeatedly in this process, they never lose hope. Through the exhibition in Hong Kong, we hope to express our attitude toward life and adherence to ideals.
Brand Concept
We adhere to originality. We construct every work upon original characters, humorous plots, and distinctive artistic processing methods;
We believe in dreams. We overcome all challenges with the enterprising, indomitable, and persevering spirit.
We pursue freedom. We enjoy every second of life with an optimistic attitude, free spirit, and independent viewpoint;
What we pursue is more than artistic perfection. More importantly, we advocate living our lives with our own personalities.
We frown fiercely on the superficial, conservative, and near-sighted attitude in work creation, and we are against following others and the market blindly.
We express the true, the good, and the beautiful in human nature. We aspire to create superb works of Chinese people through boundless imagination and lively, humorous stories.
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